Scientific Innovations


Metabolic engineering is a scientific art. It requires intimate knowledge of metabolism, including the substrates, products, and co-factors. Conagen’s scientists investigate properties of various enzymes, regulation and control mechanisms, and cellular and sub-cellular compartmentalization. Conagen’s engineers have extensive experience in fermentation scale-up, pilot plant operation, industrial process development, and production process characterization and optimization.

We have developed various technologies to successfully engineer many valuable molecules. Among these technologies are: ArchxyTeQTM for the construction of artificial enzyme complexes, FlexyPumpTM for the design and screening specific cell membrane transporters, and QuixyScaleTM for the systematic high-throughput fermentation condition optimization are the most commonly used and have been adapted to several major engineering projects.



This technology takes advantages of metabolic channeling inside multi-enzyme complexes to direct the flow of metabolites toward the specific sub-branch of a given pathway. By limiting the random diffusion of the intermediates, ArchxyTeQTM increases the catalytic efficiency of the entire pathway, boosting the accumulation of final products while reducing the competing side products.


By innovative adaptation of naturally occurring transport systems, FlexyPumpTM technology introduces compound-specific transporters into production microbes. Through targeted engineering and direct evolution, Conagen’s scientists can generate specific transporters to secrete the final product to the culture medium, improve culture conditions, and simplify the harvesting of the product compounds.


Identification of the best strains for scale-up and optimization of the fermentation conditions are two time-consuming steps in industrial process development. QuixyScaleTM technology combines an automation system with micro-fluid fermenter technology to significantly reduce the lead-time in scale-up and optimization.