Conagen Inc. – The Leader in Bio-Manufacturing from the Molecule Up

At Conagen Inc., we’re changing the way natural products are manufactured, with molecule-per-molecule precision and customization. Through synthetic biology, we uncover the metabolic pathways in nature, engineer unique microbes, and develop high-quality products through specialized fermentation. We serve the food, beverage, fragrance, nutrition, renewable materials, and biopharma markets.

Our proprietary strain development and notable scale-up processes have made Conagen a leading synthetic biology company, able to manufacture natural ingredients via fermentation at commercial scales.

In short, we bypass the inherent problems of supply chain management—materials procurement, shipping, and quality assurance—by creating the same flavors and fragrances and producing them via fermentation. This increases speed to market: with our manufacturing capabilities we can deliver at scales from micrograms to metric tons.

The winning Conagen formula

Conagen’s biologists and fermentation engineers discover new pathways so we can continually improve the products we deliver to our customers. Through synthetic biology, we not only discover how nature makes its best products—we put that nature to work to provide innovative natural products made by fermentation.

We also direct the manufacturing of our products, so we can scale the strains we design to produce what our partners need, and maintain the highest level of quality control throughout the entire process. Our manufacturing plants boast the latest automation systems, and novel fermentation and enzymatic conversion technologies that enable us to scale up from microliters to metric tons. Our scientists, equipment, and capabilities are all why Conagen is the leading source for drop-in natural products that truly come from nature.

What’s in a name?

Conagen was founded by plant biochemist Oliver Yu, to design a new way to bring flavors and fragrances to market. His young daughter, who was studying Latin in school, suggested a name that evoked the work Yu’s team was doing to connect (“con”) plant genes (“gen”) for improved natural products.