Plant Biology: The Conagen Research and Production Difference
Most fragrances and flavors are derived via petrochemical processing or extraction from plants or animals. However, both of these methods have their downsides, from environmental hazards to burdens on our natural resources to production inefficiencies. At Conagen, we go straight to the source—plant biology.

Rather than focus on using E. coli or S. cerevisiae to develop our products, Conagen’s scientists and engineers use modern synthetic biology tools to develop novel, renewable, bio-based production platforms—and make the impossible possible—biologically.

Your fully integrated source
Our integrated research, development, and manufacturing capabilities (including manufacturing as a service) enable us to design and develop products that are as true to nature as possible—with the highest level of quality control through every phase, from piloting to small-scale testing to large-scale commercial production. We also navigate the regulatory system to ensure our products meet all compliance regulations with efficiency.

Conagen’s discoveries and molecular designs have been applied to the production of various molecular classes. And, we’re always pushing the frontiers of bio-manufacturing to discover and develop innovative solutions to improve our everyday lives.

Conagen Inc.’s Research Areas
Conagen Inc. works in a broad range of research areas to support our partners’ product development and manufacturing goals. The fruits of our research and development are used in natural sweeteners, food ingredients, animal feed, fragrances, nutraceuticals, vitamins and supplements, pharmaceutical and veterinary products, and specialty and industrial chemicals.


Conagen Platform

Terpenoids and carotenoids
Terpenoids are among the most diverse secondary metabolite classes found in nature. Conagen has developed one of the most high-yielding fermentation platforms for producing sesquiterpenes, diterpenes, triterpenes, carotenoids, and related derivatives.

Amino acids and derived compounds
Aromatic amino acids (phenylalanine, tyrosine, tryptophan) for the feed and food industries. Many important pharmaceutical compounds, flavors, and industrial polymers are derived from these.

Enzymes and proteins
Through computational biology, Conagen’s unique production systems are reducing the cost of nutritional protein research, development and production.

Secondary metabolites
These are the most important source of new natural products. Reconstruction of these metabolic pathways enables us to make a range of important bio-products including natural pigments, functional ingredients, nutritional supplements, flavors, and fragrances.

Polysaccharides and oligosaccharides
Carbohydrate synthesis and conversion are at the center of cellular metabolism. Conagen’s scientists and engineers have developed an array of carbohydrate production technologies, from next-generation natural sweeteners to essential pharmaceutical ingredients.